Busting Six Common Staging Myths

Here at Captivating Spaces, we know the impact professional home staging can have on potential buyers.  Below are some common staging myths we often hear….and we’ve busted every one!


In-Law  Suite Before Staged In-Law Suite

Staged In-Law Suite – Before & After

  • Staging is expensive.

This is the most common myth I hear….

Your home is the most important purchase you’ve made, and you should get the best return when selling it.  Stagers are trained to make the most cost effective updates.  Clients spend an average of $100-3000 staging their home.  If you think about it, this amount is far less than a reduction in price on your home.

  • Staging is only for high-end homes.

Staging is for any homeowner trying to protect their equity and sell faster than the homes they’re competing with.  It doesn’t matter what size your home is.  Whether your home is large or small, investing in staging will give you a competitive edge in the real estate market.

  • Staging is only for empty houses.

Although it is important to stage vacant homes, it is also important to stage homes that are being lived in.  A stager’s goal is to bring out the absolute best of the home.  We want to create an environment and mood that potential buyers can relate to and imagine themselves living in.  A potential buyer’s ability to imagine themselves living in a home plays a huge role in whether or not they purchase it.

  • Staging doesn’t work when it’s a buyer’s market.

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth.  When it is a buyer’s market, you need to do whatever you can to sell your home.  Selling your home becomes more competitive, and hiring a stager will greatly improve your chances of selling.

  • Stagers remove your furniture and bring all new in.

This is definitely not true.  Most of the time stagers can use your existing furniture.  More often than not, staging requires removing a few items and rearranging furniture and accessories to best market your home.

  • My house is empty, so it doesn’t need to be staged.

I think this is my favourite myth to bust…..

Unfortunately a huge percentage of potential buyers are unable to imagine what an empty house would look like with furniture.  I recently had someone tell me they were looking at an unfurnished house, loved the layout of the house, but couldn’t imagine where furniture would go.  They were worried their furniture wouldn’t fit in the house.  Afraid they would have to buy all new furniture, they decided not to buy the house.  The potential buyers’ furniture more than likely would have fit in that house, but because they could not see this, the home owner lost out on the sale.

I also had someone tell me about their experience selling their condo.  He had bought the condo as an investment and was ready to sell.  His realtor insisted on having the vacant condo professionally staged.  The owner  didn’t like the idea of spending money to stage a condo he had never lived in; however, he reluctantly followed his realtor’s advice.  To his surprise, the staged condo sold in two days!  He told me he would never doubt the power of a staged home again.


It is worth it to hire a professional stager.  At Captivating Spaces, our professional stager will work with you and your budget to make your home as marketable as possible.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime or visit our wesite – consultations are FREE, and we can’t wait to help you show off your incredible home to potential buyers.

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