Bathroom Organization

Let’s face it, bathrooms are usually small spaces, but they hold so much stuff.  From toiletries to towels, Captivating Spaces wants to help you get your bathroom organized.


Mounted Baskets are an excellent way to maximize unused wall space.  It’s a great way to store towels, washcloths, loofahs and more.

Wall Mounted Baskets    Mounted Baskets

Don’t like baskets?  How about wooden crates?  Paint small wooden crates to match your bathroom decor, then mount them sideways using screws.  These are great for country bathrooms.

Wood Crates

Don’t have much space on your walls for towel bars?  With the right hardware, towel bars can be mounted on the back of your bathroom door.  And as you can see in the picture, it looks great when you stack three towel bars.

Towel Bars on Back of Door

Using the doors of your cabinetry is a fantastic way to organize your bathroom.  Instead of just throwing hair dryers, nail polish and whatever else you have under your sink, mount plastic or metal storage systems to the back of the cabinet door.  Now everything will have its own place.

Back of Cabinet Door                Back of Cabinet Door

Adding open shelves to your bathroom is a great organization idea.  It’s a terrific space for extra towels, toilet paper, etc.  Just make sure to keep those shelves organized.  Baskets are an excellent way to keeps things neat and tidy.

Open Shelves                  Open Shelves

If you have the space, add some extra free-standing cabinetry or shelves.

Free-standing Shelves      Free-standing Shelves      Free-standing Shelves

Isn’t this a cute idea?  Put framed pictures of each child above their towel in the family bathroom.

Family Bathroom

We all have items in the bathroom that we use every day.  Instead of leaving these items scattered across your bathroom countertop, store them in a nice looking basket.

Counter Top Organization

 Or for a more elegant look, use apothecary jars.

apothecary jars   apothecary jars

Bathrooms may be small and busy spaces, but they don’t need to be cluttered and unorganized.

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