Organizing Entryways


Entryways see a lot of traffic every day making it a magnet for clutter and dirt.  Captivating Spaces has some great tips and ideas to help you keep your entryway clean and organized all year long.



If you have the space, built ins are a fantastic way to go.  They often offer tons of storage, a place to sit,  and they look amazing.



And with so many options out there, the designs are endless.  This built in features a space for storing and organizing shoes.


If built ins aren’t for your space, you can find other storage and seating options that work well for entryways.


Seating is a must in my entryway.  I am constantly switching out my work shoes for a pair of runners to hit the gym or go for a run.  Having some kind of bench in an entryway is a great place to lace up those Nikes.



Another important item for an entryway is a tabletop or shelf.  It is a great place to set down keys, cell phones, and wallets when you come through the door.



Some entryways are incredibly narrow and won’t house a table.  Skinny shelves are a terrific solution for these small entryways.


It’s also important to have a place for all of your winter items such as scarves and mittens.  Dressers are the perfect place to store these items.


If a dresser isn’t right for your space, baskets or bins are a great place to house these items.


Lastly, don’t forget that umbrella stand!  There are some gorgeous stands available to keep your umbrellas stored neatly.  This one is from Wayfair.


Hope these ideas help you keep your entryway clean and clutter free!

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